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double hung window

Browse Single and Double Hung Windows in Sarnia at Our Showroom

Double hung windows provide a more traditional look for your home. Unlike older windows, double hung windows in Sarnia are energy efficient and easy to clean and maintain. Among others, the features of double hung windows include:

Heavy-duty cam lock and keeper
Constant force balancers
Dual interlocking rails between top and bottom sash
Full screen with overlapping frame
Mushroom head cast steel shoe
Finger latches
Pocket sill
Drainage flaps
Night latches

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are also still available. A stationary sash is combined with a single sash which moves up and down, and tilts in for ease of cleaning and maintenance. A screen is included that covers half of the window. At KD Exteriors’ showroom in Sarnia, you can see a sample selection of our single hung and double hung windows.

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