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Energy Efficient Windows in Sarnia: Single and Double Slider Styles Available

Give your home a more energy efficient window with a double tilt slider. As one of the most energy efficient windows for Sarnia homes, a sliding window actually outperforms traditional casement and awning style windows. The double tilt slider comes with sashes that slide side to side and a screen to cover the entire glass area. For easier cleaning and maintenance, the sashes tilt into the room. The standard features include:

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Heavy-duty cam lock and keeper
Finger latches
Drainage flaps
Dual interlocking rails between left and right sash
Full screen with overlapping frame
Night latches

Ready to see what KD Exteriors and our large selection of windows can do for your home? If so, contact us today! We have a large showroom with plenty of options and offer our clients a free, no obligation estimate on all projects.

Double Lift-Out Slider Windows

Double lift-out sliders are available at KD Exteriors in Sarnia. Using heavy-duty brass rollers, the double lift-out slider provides low maintenance, ease of cleaning, maximum ventilation, and excellent energy efficiency all with a great look.

Single Slider Windows

Single sliders are also still available. A single stationary sash is paired with a second sash, which moves side to side and tilts or can be lifted out for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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