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casement windows

Professionally Installed Casement Windows in Sarnia: Call Now

Enjoy Better Ventilation with Casement & Awning Style Windows

Like a door, casement windows in Sarnia from KD Exteriors swing open to offer greater ventilation. Using a crank handle, casement windows can open 90° to the left or right. These windows offer a variety of design features, are easy to open and close and are rated as the second most efficient windows. Other standard features include:

Multi-point locking hardware
Heavy-duty handle
Sash keepers
Full screen with overlapping frame
Unique ramp system

Are you ready to see what new casement windows can do for the look and functionality of your home? If so, call KD Exteriors today. We have a large showroom and offer free, no obligation estimates on all our projects.

Awning Windows

Awning windows operate much like a casement window. This window opens with a scissor hinge on the bottom of the window. It too opens by cranking a handle which pushes the bottom of the sash out. Find samples of casement and awning windows at KD Exteriors’ showroom in Sarnia.

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