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Bow, Garden and Bay Windows in Sarnia from KD Exteriors

Bay Windows

Create the feeling that you’ve expanded to the outdoor world with bay windows in Sarnia by KD Exteriors. A bay window is a large window often positioned between two double hung or casement windows to form one large viewing space.

Bow Windows

For an expansive view of the outdoors and added dimension to your home, try bow windows. Bow windows consist of four or more adjoining windows units (often five) that project out from the wall of your home. Depending on your needs, each of the bow window’s units can be stationary, operational, or a combination of both. Create an elegant window seat, breakfast nook, or plant ledge within your bow window area and get the most out of your space! Bow windows come standard with features including:

Used in combination with casements for dramatic bays
Variety of interior wood finishes
Optional insulated head and seat
Variety of exterior brick-mould options
Custom made

Greenhouse Style Windows – Create an Indoor Garden

Exercise your green thumb with garden or greenhouse style windows. With custom-designed greenhouse windows, you can transform any room into an indoor garden. A greenhouse window protrudes outward from your home to let in additional natural light. The ledge or glass shelf created by the protrusion makes it an ideal spot for both seedlings and high maintenance plants. For increased airflow, you can easily use the crank to open the awning-style top. Standard features include:

All PVC frame with aluminum reinforcement
30° Slope
16" Projection

Visit KD Exteriors’ showroom to see samples of garden windows.

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